Shadowed Mirrors

take me far away from here…
a place where sky meets ocean.
a place where human expression
and problem solving
doesnt lead to insanity.
a place where dreams
dont make any sense
and reality is filled with
a child like wonder and imagination;
a place i can call home;
a place where i can be happy.”

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‘Beer Helping ugly people have sex since 1852!’ ha ha. 

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This photo is a full scale replication of the scene depicted in the crime scene photo of Mary Kelly. Kelly was infamously murdered, in a most gruesome way, by the monster Jack the Ripper. The murder took place in the Whitechapel district of London in 1888. He was not the first serial killer, but he was probably the first to appear in a large metropolis at a time when the general populace had become literate and the press was a force for social change, thus he gained almost instant recognition as such.

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Too late ;o


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